Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life doubts

Pfff I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this blog.
First of all MAC started kindergarten this past monday!!! He was doing quite well, his filled with excitment in the prospect of a new school, new friends learning new things but also apprehension. The one who didn't react very well was MEC. She didn't like the fact that her brother would now go to a different school. We are all adjusting to the new schedule and I must say it makes life a little crazy right now... Wait you will say really right now ; )
Yeah yeah well a little more than usual. As a true daycare kid the first thing he said to me was why all my friend are not staying with me all day! Yeah he has to learn that everyone doesn't get dropped off at school at 8 and picked up at 5:45pm! The joy of being a fulltime working mom in the US!
So yes I won't hide hide I have a hard time adjusting to the fact that out of 60 kindergartners only 15% are staying in after care program after 2:30pm and I only have met 3-4 when I have been picking MAC up!
This choice was always clear to me. I love what I do for a living. I don't do it by necessity I actually love and embrace the challenge. I believe that I am a better mom because of it. I do reserve my evenings and my week ends to them we mostly do things as a family. Anyways lets try to leave the self doubt behind...
So since a demanding full time job as a software engineer, two young kids wasn't enough lets talk about my training. I have to say that this helps me keep the stress level down and I am very grateful for this time I take for myself.
Last week end my training went on pause because of life and family activities. On tuesday I went on a run with BCC and let him chose the route. I knew that it wouldn't be easy since we were going for 4M he wanted to work hard and thus this meant hills! So off we go South on Carmel Country Road towards and I knew this would be brutal because I use this hill as a training for my bike hill training. It was still quite sticky and we started at a decent pace. As we started the hill we saw someone walking up ahead and this person didn't get closer fast enough.... I was huffing and puffing trying to keep my breathing under control but not slow down at a slug pace more like a turtle pace ;) So of course BCC to say come on we can't let this guy arrive at the top of the hill before us... I snapped promply at him because 1) I did see the dam walker and did realize how slow I was going and I was pissed off and 2) I was honestly doing the better I could... It was a great 4M run though. On wednesday I did a trainer session about 45min and I started at 8pm! Thursday was a quick swim (30min) during which I focus on wipping the water and try to get more speed. Finally friday since I was off and that a friend really really nicely took care of MEC I was able to go biking with another friend and we did almost 30M at about 14.5mph.
Now I'm off for a longish run (5-6M) we will see. I feel rather tired and sluggish right now I hope I will get more motivated as I start. It is going to be hard though since I'm alone.
Tomorrow I'm planning on swimming. If I can make the TCSD group swim at 8am in del mar it would be great otherwise I will go to the pool. Monday I'll try to go biking again!.
OK off to put my running clothes and run my doubts away and hopefully come back with a big grin.

Life is a little crazy right now... Really just right now ;) yeah well a little more than usual I guess or it's
Anyways, training has been doing pretty well. I had a 4 day break last week not because I wanted to but more because life got in the way. I had to let it go. Two weeks ago I did a couple session on the spinning bike we have at the work gym and oh boy these workouts are tough. However it gave me good ideas on how to train at home on my trainer.

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JV said...

You're doing an awesome job, lady! Keep at it and DON'T YOU DARE stop blogging!