Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too much

So the reason you haven't read any of my post lately is because there is just too much going on. I have simply too much todo. Trust me I hate admitting that as a person who wants to be able to do it all. So these are the things I'm focusing on, the family of course, work, training. Laundry is falling easily behind. Cleaning is good but folding and putting away well you know it is just nicely piling up in the laundry room.
Also since MAC started kindergarten I have a hard time working out at lunch eventhough as I am realizing working out at night is just not convenient. It is 8pm, dinner is simmering, kids and husband are getting in the shower, the flowers have been watered (yes I don't have a functional sprinkler system) and in 30 minutes I will start my 45min bike workout! Not really smart. I think the workout at lunch and working a little more in front of the TV is a much better solution.
Of course since I have 30 minutes and kids in need of shoes my lunch break was very costly!!! I didn't spend one cent for myself. I walked through Nordstroms and nothing but nothing is calling my name. This is how motivated I am to save money to be able to make money to be able to buy a house with a 30yr fix loan.
Other than that I have been sick all last week so my training has seriously suffered. Once my cold ended a cold sore started and since I'm a total moron when it comes to taking care of myself I thought a few pills would be enough to stop this thing in its track. I should know better! Now I have a big fat lip and the right side of my face is sensitive!
My last triathlon of the season is in 2.5 weeks yikes and I am a tad stressed out, and excited at the same time. I just registered the both of us for the Carslbad half marathon which is in 17 weeks! Now we have to train for it yikes again and find a baby sitter to watch the kids!

Ok 10 min spent on this post, now need to go help B with the kids read bedtime story, hop on my bike while watching Stargate and maybe we will have dinner at 10pm with a glass of wine. Maybe a little work in front of Grey's anatomy or folding laundry. Getting good at multitasking.
Life is crazy!!!

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Bunny said...

tell me about it, i'm feeling overwhelmed as well :(. hope you feel better and good luck with the training!