Monday, September 7, 2009

Ocean blue ocean

Sunday I wanted to go for a swim. I toyed with the idea of joining the TCSD swim in Del Mar at 8am but of course when you wake up at 8am it is difficult to get places at the same time!
I wasn't too worried because there is always JCC but alas not lap pool on the week end! I didn't noticed that when I looked before. Neighbors called to invite us to go to the beach so off we go to Torrey Pines, I packed my swim goggle and cap since we had people to watch the kids and BCC could paddle with me.
When we got to the beach the ocean was all choppy, nice and warm though. After his surf session BCC dragged me to go for a swim. Yirkes, so much chop I literally half breast stroked and half free styled my way to a 20min swim. I have to say I had a few panicks attacks. I was definitely out of my comfort zone way out! But I made it, it was nice to not have a wetsuit but thank god for the board I could hang on to to catch my breath. I think I swam between 0.25 and 0.5M. After that felt nauseous, probably caused by all the salt water I swallowed berk!. I had a granola bar followed by some sun bathing. We packed up and started the marathon. Grabbed some lunch, dropped off the kids home, headed to TJ for the weekly grocery trip, rushed home, baked two upside down nectarine cake took a shower packed up the kids the to be cooked cake and headed to a BBQ pool party.
We spent a great evening with new people, saw what good teenager look like it is doable after all ;)
Today I want to do a BRICK, 10M bike ride fast followed by 2 miles fast. We will see what I can do. Other than that the day is open maybe meet some friends for some zoo action later in the afternoon and dinner....

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