Sunday, January 3, 2010

so over it

Over what.... our half marathon training! Yes I was so into it at first, I had these great hopes of new PR's etc... but over the last month my motivations has dwindled so much that a 4M run was both pitiful and painful. Since I am not really a quitter only sometimes ;) I pulled myself together and had a couple nice long runs. It is amazing what proper nutrition and hydration would do to you ;) I ran an 8M with B last Monday, then a 3.8M at 9:15-9:30 and today I did a 7.5M at I don't know the speed yet I'm thinking something around 9:45-10min/miles. I was glad that none of my knees hurt. Next week we have a 12M planned, then a 6M then half marathon!
Then I am done for long distance running and back to triathlon training! yeah. I haven't touched my bike at all during the break and I haven't put a toe in the swimming pool.

What else has been going on... On NYE we went to friends to share some cheese fondue and asian hotpot. It was a great evening. The kids had a blast and passed out in front of Kung Fu Panda. The adults shared good wine, good food and great company.

I am also ashamed to report that all our big staycation plans of cleaning the house have been left as plans. The garage is still super messy and full of stuff to get rid of. The laundry has been done but the two baskets are still full! Ah well vacation are for relaxing right....

Anyways of course MEC is sick. It is the last day of vacation we both have tight deadlines. Well after the motrin she is feeling better and B offered to stay home with her tomorrow although he doesn't have a choice cuz I really really can't get out of my deadline!
Anyways this was a very uneventful post. Sometimes I wonder why I keep posting maybe because I enjoy reading other people's blog soooo much.
On that note enjoy your last hours of vacation.

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JV said...

I would hardly call an 8 mile run "over it". I'm glad you keep posting ;)