Saturday, January 8, 2011

One step in front of the other

So training has been really now what I have wanted it to be lately. After the break I was mentally ready to go back at it and well I got sick. Nothing major but cough and congestion are not the runners best friend. So I took two days off. Yesterday I was able to do a 35min bike workout. Today I was planning on getting up early and go for a 6M run followed on Sunday by a 12M run. The Carlsbad half is coming up soon.
Last night I was planning on writing my self evaluation in front of the Blind Side. Well of course I was completely taken by the movie and my self evaluation laid there untouched. To make matter worse I did try to complete it between 11:30 and 1am... Hello how am I to get up at 6:30 am to go for a run when I go to bed at 1am! Not happening, so then I decided to go after the baptism we were invited to. I would sacrifice the wine in order to go run. I was utterly stuffed by lunch and so well running on a very full stomach isn't pleasant.
It is now 6pm on saturday, my self evaluation hasn't been turned in, I didn't go run my 6M run and my kitchen is a disaster.
Welcome, to my world of struggles, there will be many more battles and hopefully more won than lost. So today's run didn't happen lets make sure that tomorrow's is a good one.
Oh and to make matter worse my music device just quit on me!

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