Sunday, January 16, 2011

What does part 2

So this week end B had a snowboard trip to Mammoth with his work! So jealous! So here I am with a week end with the kids, training and the other billion things to do around the house.

That bare wall in the hallway has always been in my opinion the perfect candidate for a 6" wide bookshelf. The perfect size to store all our paperbacks while using empty space! B didn't really agree with me but as you can see in the past 7 months we haven't really made progress in the organization of our books front and the liberation of the kids bathroom!

So I decided that this week end alone with the kids would be perfect time for me to build a new bookshelf! Brilliant idea since I have nothing scheduled this week end... 2H00 run on saturday and 2h00 bike ride on sunday, as I said my week end was free!

Anyways I have to admit that while discussing with ChaCha at work the logistics of building a bookshelf such as going to store and buy the wood etc.. I almost backpedalled cuz lets face it a BWM station wagon with two kids in it isn't really the appropriate vehicle to transport the wood needed for a bookshelf. Well not unless you drop the backing right...

So after swimming lesson on saturday I am heading to Dixieline with my two monsters in tow and ChaCha who is much more used to this whole thing. I did spend some time the night before measuring everything and calculating everything.

I show up at the front desk to order my wood and I ask what I need right! Wrong you first need to figure out how many planks of which length you need then you tell them how you want them cut. Doh... took me like 10min to figure it all out.
From noon until 3pm, we managed to build the frame of the two bookshelves. I was left to put the remaining shelves, round the edges, stain and finish....

The baby sitter got there and I went for my run... Yeah I still had to run 2H00 and ride 2H00 during that week end. Since I only had a baby sitter for one of the days I decided to go run. I only did 1:15 and 6.6M but it was nice and I wanted to get back to the kids.
That evening we went to dinner to a new friend who is a runner/triathlete, has a full time job and two adorable kids. Moreover the boys are getting along great eventhough MAC is 2 years younger than HV! We had thai food and chatted until 10:45pm. The kids were exhausted and still woke up at 8am this morning.
Since saturday was spent in the garage I decided to be a nice mom and take the kiddos to Legoland... that plan went south when I realized that MEC had a light fever and was really grumpy. Instead we went to the toy store and I got them a little gift. MAC spent most of the afternoon building a new Hero factory and MEC played with polly pocket helped me sweep the floor in the garage and painted.
Everyone crashed at 7:30pm.
I spent time in the garage again and I almost finished the first bookshelf. It is stained and I just have to coat the "vernish" stuff sand and have B mount in on the wall.... can't wait!
Well the 2H00 ride didn't happen today and I'm not sure it will... because I'm baked. My legs are toast and I am tired.... So I think I'm gonna rest today and will do something tomorrow since chances are I will have to take some time off to watch over MEC.

This where we left off saturday afternoon

This is what I have tonight!

It isn't perfect but I'm still super proud. Now I know how to use a power drill (will get my own soon) and a sander (will get my own soon too)... It has nothing to do with wanting my own tool but you see I have micro hands seriously I have very short stubby fingers... and well my husband tools fit his hands. Maybe I'll get lucky and they make kids size tools ;)

So while my week end was really busy in a very productive way I can't help thinking as I am heading to bed that well I didn't really do what I was suppose to do workout wise but ah well there is always next week.... Speaking of which next week is Carlsbad and well in one hand I think I'm prepared and on the other I don't think I'm prepared. My goal this year is to run it 9:45min/mile pace or somewhere around there. Nothing spectacular but I think it is somewhat realistic. Most of all I want to cross that finish line and be proud of what I've accomplished.

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chacha said...

Looks good! Just putty and light sanding left and then you can stain and mount!