Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spiderman or Tinkerbell ...

Bandaid that is because today I was neither one of these cartoon characters on the trails.
Well if you remember a few posts ago I posted a video where you kind of see me flip over my bike. Well I wish today's fall was as painless. Same stupid hill kicked my butt big time today. To make matter worse this hill is at the beginning of the ride.
I wailed so loud that I was expecting someone to come running out of the neighborhing house. I am not proud of myself but I wailed, cryed, wimpered blobblered for a while. But I climbed back on the bike and continued to ride!
The fall I think shook me more mentally than it hurt physically although I'll be sporting some nice bruises for a while and have a nice trail rash on my forearm.

Anyways I will get back on this demon once the rear derailleur is fixed and well I think I'll be walking that steep little portion until I can ride it safely down.
Tomorrow's run will be interesting but if I can run after that I can run a half marathon!

Toughen up!

After this we needed some light food and a glass of wine was in order. We were going to Epazotte in Del Mar. When we got there we realized that it had been replaced by a new place called Flavor. It looked nice and happy hour was just starting so we sat down. Great great place not cheap but really nice. We both loved the decoration.
I'm thinking of recovering the vagina chair instead of making a slip cover. An olive green microsuede or mediterrean blue would be quite nice I believe..... My oh My another crazy project! Why on earth can't I just sit still.....

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bex said...

you have a vagina chair? LOL

way to get back on the horse today :)