Sunday, January 2, 2011


I flew over my handlebar and landed flat on my back just in time to stop my bike from falling on my face! I admit I was a bit lot shaken after that and it took me a bit to shake things up and saddle back and go on! Thanks for my crash pads shorts I will only sport a minor bruise! Thanks B

You can see on the video how B went down and then you can see my face then me stopping the bike just above my head! ah well it didn't upload for some reason so the fall caught on film will be for another post.

Anyways that was the one of the two falls of the day the first one was caused by a small rock and I was able to un-clip and stop gracefully. I have to admit I almost flew above my handle bar once more when I hit the front brake hard.... I can tell you after that I barely used the front brake.

Yesterday I decided to make some cinnamon rolls and so I did. This morning I baked them and they were oh so delicious. For my next batch though I will decrease the amount of sugary filling. The kids loved them and I have to say we did too. We celebrated the end of our holiday by trying out a new sushi place in Oceanside called Harneys! It was delicious and we are now ready to tackle the daily grind!

Now I'm gonna try to put some new music on my mp3 player because well I don't really know what races I'm gonna do in 2011 all I know is that my main goal is try to keep up with what the coach ordered and maybe I will turn my "bottom heavy" physic into "bottom strong".

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