Thursday, January 27, 2011

quick one well maybe not so

I know I'm overdue for a blog post and a race report. Well lets summarize quickly and then will do the real one. Last sunday was our yearly half marathon... didn't specifically train for this since I just train no matter what and Les well just kicks my butt.
We were quite tired the week leading to that race, we even went to bed at 8:30pm the night before, unusual for us.
Anyways it as hotter than last year but I PRed by 1 min over last year slowly inching my way towards 2H00... Hey at that rate in 10 years I'll be there ;) 2:11:36 was my time. Since the garmin recorded 13.17M my pace was 9:59,61 and NO IT IS NOT OK to round up to 10min/mile. First 6M of that race I was feeling awesome then I started feeling nauseous and couldn't think of drinking any more water nor eating any more blocks. So I trudged along. At mile 9 my IT Band started to remind me that stretching is just not an option. Oops I guess I can't forgo stretching for 3 months while training! So all in all it was a decent race, I had to walk a little but still finished 1min faster than last year.

B had the exact same race than last year and finished in 1:44... speedy.
The race kicked our butt and we were in bed at 8:15pm that night!
Well to get to the 2:00 a bit faster I decided to race a bit more often and so I am signed up for my next half on 2/12/2011 a saturday heaven. B wanted to join me but it is a women only race so I signed him for San Dieguito Half the next day!
I don't know what to expect from that race. I have always had plenty of time to recover and train in between races so I'll just do it. At least it is flat.

So well this was a longer race report than I expected. Since then, well training has started again wait it never really stopped. Doodled on the bike on tuesday, yesterday didn't make my workout because I was taught what I need to eat, when and how much. Today I went for an easy run at lunch decided to come back through the canyon hot hot hot!

On the nutrition side, I now know all the things I'm doing wrong. I will adopt certain changes such as more colorful veggies and fruits and more grains and dietary fibers. However I will not give up my wine. I also now know that I'm 20.1% which puts my at the botton of the athlete categorie woot woot!
So on this I'm going to go to bed.

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chacha said...

20.1% (I'm assuming you mean body fat) is excellent!

I am not sure where I'm at. My scale has the body fat estimate last gave me an estimate of like 19.1% but the scale things are not that accurate - it sometimes tells me 21-22% also. I think the hand held ones are better.