Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to brag a little or a lot...

I know it may sound funny but sometimes I don't quite realize that I am the mom of my almost 4 year old and my 19 months old... It took me a long time in the beginning with Miles to feel like his mom and not his baby sitter and still to this day the sound of it makes me feel funny.
Today I decided to brag about my son... Here are some of the coolest and funniest thing that my son can do and I'm sure that 90% of the other little boys can do just the same but I don't care:
  • Recognizing music on the radio, lifehouse, linkin park his favorite, and travis his other favorite.... No wiggles allowed in our cars ; )
  • Start singing Closer... Closer lean on me now from Travis
  • Singing we all live in a yellow submarine
  • Writing his whole name in the right order MILES....
  • Drawing cars, trucks, rockets and mama holding a spider cuz he made my left hand with 8 fingers.
  • Riding his bike with no training wheels
  • Drop kicking balls since he is about 2 years old.
  • Telling his dad where he is going to hide while playing hide and seek hilarious moment.

For those who wonder who Travis is... It is an amazing scottish band that we saw at the house of blues a few months back... hands down the best show I've gone too. Anyways the lead singer is Fran Healy and the name of the band is from a character in the movie Paris Texas from Wim Wenders.

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