Friday, February 15, 2008

Role model...

Oprah is the role model of somone I know. This has puzzled me so I decided to learn about Oprah. Who is she to influence someone's life? Well her website and the subject of her TV show didn't impress me at all. Yes she is a philantropist who would not be with her fortune. I was impressed by her biography how she turned around a life that didn't start well and on the wrong side the track. I'll give her that.... So that leads to my quest of understanding the role of a role model and maybe who knows finding one of my own.... Before finding a role model I am left with these unanswered questions: - what does a role model accomplish anyways? - Does admiring someone that much influence your day to day choices? Fabienne Verdier is an amazing woman and artist and I admire her courage for her will to study chinese calligrapgy the way she did. On a lighter note for such a late blog I just watched Little Miss Sunshine which I liked very much. It is definitely on the corky side but with a great cast! It was refreshing... As the mom of a 18 months old I will run away from beauty pageants never been a fan but Arghhhh scary.

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