Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

So today was the tempo run, 3 miles at a slightly faster pace and I manage to run the 3 miles at the indicated pace without stopping. It was great until 1.8-2.0 where it sucked but then it got good again... the long run is going to be difficult, I mapped out a route for this saturday evening or sunday morning and it is going to be loooong but I hope to be able to finish it.
I've been driving my husband crazy for the past ten years because I use him for rethorical debates... or should I say debate with myself. I don't really want his input but I'm just using him to bounce ideas. The latest one should I or should I not enroll for the La Jolla half.
One part of me would be really impressed if I ran it and I think I would feel good about myself for a tiny period of time for just achieving this race and the other side of me is reminding me that I already have a very busy and stressful schedule and that maybe just doing the training would be an achievement on its own.... here is the question why am I never satisfied with I do. It is very rare that I feel whole I always feel that I can improve a lot... and I'm ambitious which is difficult to deal with at times.

This leads me to my final rambling for the night, oooh it is going to be hard to extract myself from bed tomorrow morning, drawing or should I say painting. My new job as a software engineer for a biotech was the straw that broke the camel's back and I had to stop painting. I really miss it but I had over the past few years to make some hard choices and stopping my painting class was one of them.

My friend has been asking me to post some of my paintings here are the ones that I like the most and maybe this will motivate me to pick up my brush again... I took some figure drawing class about 15 years ago and loved it. When I moved the states I was looking for some art class. After taking a beginning drawing class at the craft center hoping that it will teach me the basics I needed something a bit more gratifying than drawing a pineaple with crayolas. That's when I found the Chinese Brush Painting class and I fell in love with the lose style, the subject matter the whole philosophy behind it and the way it is taught. Also who would not fall in love with instant gratification I can paint a flower and a bird in about 15 minutes hehehe
I miss it and should try to make more time for it between 9pm and 11pm ...

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Bunny said...

wow these look so beautiful. except i can't click on them and see bigger images! fix it!!