Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"She stopped being a full time mom when I was 13 to go do her own thing" told me someone speaking of his mom. I have been ruminating on that thought for a couple of days now.I know I know it is just a figure of speech one that I must add carries a lot of weight.
Why is the society implying that you are less of a mom when you are working? Is it so bad to contribute to the income of your family. Sometimes couples have the choice and luxury but not always. So why a mom who has to work should feel guilty about supporting her family just because society dictates that she would be more of a mom if she stayed home.
Is that really true.... And what defines a full time mom anyhow? In short I think the term stay home mom versus working mom is more appropriate.

Anyways enough rambling on that subject. Today at lunch I ran my 4mile tempo. I ran a little slower 10 min/miles instead of 9:45 but again I had a lot of trouble after mile 3.2 I even had to stop a little. So since we are not traveling to Montana this week end since Maia is sick I will try to run the long run again same 5.7 miles loop.
I'm going to stick with this regimen for a few weeks... Week 2 intervals and tempo and week 1 long run.
On this note I am starving need to put my raviolis in the boiling water and start an episode of Boston Legal... Love the witty dialog and James Spader is great! Nice relaxing show after a demanding day at work.

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