Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IPod 10 Sophie 0

Grrr.... I hate computers, software, mp3 players, smart phone and other not so smart devices. Laugh all you want I know I write software but things don't seem to work for me.
My IPOD and I have this hate love relationship.
I love it when it delivers the right tunes at the right time to get me going on my runs yeah IPOD But then why can't I charge it in the computer and listen to the music without ITune opening and trying to sync. Why syncing means delete whatever is on the device and put what you find on the computer instead shouldn't it mean add to the device what you find on the computer.
I JUST want to add new songs to my IPod from any computer I want without fearing to lose whatever I have on the device.
So I said fine I will buy a charger that I can plug in an outlet and will load up my music and create my playlist at home but then Microsoft updated our version of Vista and now the USB ports are not recognized any longer Grrrr.
So I will have to steal Bryan's Zen tomorrow so I can go for my 4 mile tempo run by myself since my motivator is sick and needs rest.

: ( I still have to go do laundry....

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