Saturday, February 7, 2009


Jess has asked me to post yesterday afternoon so she has something to read. I couldn't bring myself to write a few lines to distract her during work hours....
So here am I racking my brain for something witty and distracting to type.... Hummmm not much comes to mind ;) not very surprising I may add.

The highlight of my weeks were the following:
- Got back into my 5 days/week workout routine and back in the water.
- Had a very very satisfying run 4miles at an average of 9:18 min/mile and it trully felt good.
- Fixed a bug which sped up some display, I won't say that the cause of this problem was a brain dead if statement. (sorry for the lingo)
- Started studying for my programming exam
- Went to a girls shopping party (yeah me) with a coworker Kim. In short you have vendors selling jewelry, jeans and other item in a friends house. You chat, drink wine... Since I didn't know many people and I don't do too good in crowd that I don't like we escape after an hour, found a nice little restaurant had dinner and chatted. Much more my alley. I came home curled on the couch and watched Bones with my husband... that too is much more alley.

This morning though I have the blues.... dunno why probably aftermath of all my socializing. Yeah I'm weird that way when I reach out to get to know new people, I feel all ackward the next day. I feel like I've intruded on their life forced myself in their free time. Even when I had a great time, actually especially when I had a great time.

I also learned what Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert actually means. I thought an introvert was somebody very very shy and inadequate when it's more like someone who likes small quiet venue, and activities.... Very much like me and a lot of other people I know.

Today I have to get my bikeride in. I hope the weather is going to cooperate.

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Anonymous said...

Hey lady... hope I didn't make you feel blah. :-) It was great hanging out and I look forward to more in the future! Happy Monday... talk about the blahs!