Tuesday, February 10, 2009


First of all today was a great day since we got an estimate for all the painting we have to do in the house. Finish the master bathroom, the master toilet, the kids bathroom, the downstair bathroom and all the little patches. I can paint and I have painted a lot but lately painting at 9pm, or when they nap during the week end doesn't sound appealing. Hmmm I wonder why????
The quote came back very reasonnable and he starts tomorrow at 7:45 and will be done in the evening. We just had to pick a color for the bathroom downstairs and the kids bathroom.
I will just have to do the office because we don't have the courage to move the furniture around tonight.
Other than that I did my treadmill workout today and decided to do speed training since I ran hills during the week end. I didn't really mean to push it to hard but of course that didn't last. After 10 minutes of warm up at 10 min/miles I ran 10 minutes at 9 min/miles followed by a 5 minutes cool off at 9:30 min/miles (I think) then 2 minutes at 8 min/miles cool off at 10:30 min/miles for 3 minutes, 3 minutes at 8:30 followed by ? until about 38 minutes between 9:30 and 10 min/miles. My legs are hurting and tomorrow is swimming and thursday 4-5 miles outside. Arghhhh gotta take easy a little my body is feeling the burn.
Work has been good a lot is going on and since the boss is completely overloaded I'm on my own a lot which is quite interesting.... I didn't really study this week and even left the darn book on my desk. Ah well tonight is going to be Bryan cooking night which is going to be nice, and then some wine, cleaning a little for the painter, folding laundry (yirkes) I am soooo backed up in front of one of our favorite TV show. Of course sipping wine all along ;)
Arghhh I wanted to break my monthly running record this month while swimming and biking but I completely forgot that February is a short month. So I predict I will be anywhere 52 miles this month which is nothing to scuff at since it is about 14-15 miles/week.

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