Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What's new.... not much. It's great to be a full time mom and full time software engineer cuz youre life is busy with not much. Your day starts at 7am and its a race until 9pm. Then you goof around until 11pm then you remember the last things you have to do before going to bed and you are asleep at midnight!

Besides that Nevertap gently reminded me of my own todo list... or I may say of the items on my todo list that have been there for so long that the ink has faded. Maybe I'm hoping that will get done by themselves.
Do I really think that the citizenship paperwork for my husband are going to get submitted on their own, ditto for mine? Do I really think that the french government is going to email me to ask me if the kids are french! I mean holly crap my son is almost 5! We still have all the paintings to hang back on our wall.... Nevertap I think it is a lost battle we won't be able to finish our todo list because it is always growing.

Tomorrow we are going to Montana. Everybody is wishing me a good vacation. We are expecting hell but maybe we will get lucky ;) I am really hoping to be able to put Miles on skis and Maia on a sled.
On the exercize front I did run a nice 5 miles and went swimming. I pushed a little so now my arms are sore. I am also refocusing on my training. I'm hoping to be able to join a biking group every other friday. I will just start with them since it is a bunch of guys who are going soooo fast!
Sorry Bunny I didn't post my meal of the week and to be honest I don't even remember what the heck I cooked I just know it was good ahahaha... Getting old.
I'm noticing that my post are really not exciting and that all the cool stuff I have to say require some of my brain to work.

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