Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not happy

Where is my nightly light reading....... I miss Nevertap wit!
Tomorrow I'm hosting our first chow cow cooking club meeting and we very quickly went from an elaborate contemporary american to a morrocan feast!
So here is the menu to be followed with recipes and pictures on Bunny's blog.

" A moroccan feast"
A basil vodka martini, sweetened with agave nectar.
Moroccan cigars (beef)
Black olives with harissa

Salad/Side dishes:
warm chickpea salad
warm carrots with spices
cucumber salad with black olives

Main dish
Chicken couscous soup

Gazelle horns

Parducci Pinot Noir.

Tonight I'm making soup for dinner... I am in soup mood lately. At lunch I went to the Wired which is a french cafe. I wanted to be good so I had the soup and a salad. Of course my friend had a quiche she couldn't finished and to top it all off we split an almond croissant. Too much food.... Tomorrow I will go run again and hopefully the 4.25 miles run will feel much better than the last two.
This concludes a very very uninteresting post.... but do you expect from a emotional woman ;)
This is the end of a v

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JV said...

I posted for you, but I couldn't muster up any wit, sorry, mama! Chow Cow, huh? I heard you all had a blast, the menu sounds fab! I gotta fire up the Cuisinart soon bc you gals inspire me!