Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking stuff of the todo list

Heheheh I can check stuff off the home todo list. Can I take the credit eventhough I paid someone to do it for me ;) So I've been wanting to finish the painting in the house. I thought about having a 3rd kid to finish things off during the maternity leave like I did last time. Instead I actually hired someone to do it! It was great I called on Monday for an estimate, the guy came on tuesday at lunch, and started painting on Wednesday at 7:40 ;) I had to scramble a little bit to find all the paint for each room. I also had pick two new colors from a swatch. One for the downstairs bathroom to replace this god awful pumpkin color and one for the kids bathroom to replace the god awful baby blue. Believe it or not the baby blue was even worse than the pumpkin!!!! Instead I picked a green for downstairs, almost went for a color called Brocoli Rabe but I was afraid it would be too dark so went for the shade lighter instead. My son wanted blue for his bathroom so I picked a Moody Blue.
Gotta love paint name! The tan downstairs is "Crips Kaki", the blue upstairs is "Amity".
Besides that I scoot from work early to pay the painter and maybe enjoy the 2 hours sans kids but instead of course, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up toys and since the painters nicely repainted my blue wall. What better thing to do than to repaint the wall 10 minutes after they left ;)
Still have to finish that....
So now the home todo list is much smaller, yay...
Of course I didn't go swim but tomorrow I will be running and I'll try to swim on friday morning ahahaha.

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