Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My life since Monday...

After I allowed myself one week to recover from my half marathon both physically and emotionally, I had to get back to my efficient (most of the time) self. This meant to be start crossing stuff from my todo list at work, at home, start working out again, and start studying. Yes you saw that I have to pass a computer exam. I am complaining bitterly but I believe that at the end I will have learned a lot and will be a better programmer.
Unfortunately instead of browsing my favorite sites during my little breaks from the family of JCrew, PotteryBarn, Runnersworld, I'm starting to read about serialization, collections, generics, new features of C# and the likes.
I have to say that I am learning a lot and yes my boss is right it will make me a better programmer but I'm sliding more and more into geekiness. Please save me when you start seeing me wearing polo shirt with logos on them.
I have received my new Cynthia Steffe pants from gilt and they are gorgeous. I just need to hem them!
Besides watching a lot of Bones lately, reconnecting with Burn Notice a great show I have managed to swallow in a week a great book. Of course it is from a french author, but it was sooo good that it just made it to the comfort book list. Yes I have a comfort book list which has the same purpose than comfort food, comfort drinks and comfort movies.
The other book from this author called in english "Hunting and Gathering" by Anna Gavalda has also been on that list and has been read about 5 times in 3 years and the movie watched 3 times in the last year or so.
I would really like to know how "Ensemble et c'est tout" which means "Together and that's it" became "Hunting and gathering", especially when there nothing on hunting!!! This author knows how to tell a story and how to make people from all kinds of background connect. BTW a movie has been made out that book and it is very true to the book and absolutely awsome in a very french way.
I love stories about people, about their choice, their struggles how they shine.
This really reminds me that I have to start my "bookclub/literature" blog.
Anyways for a little while my bedside reading will be the amazing secrets of the .Net framework 2.0, Application Development Foundation.... Don't be surprised to see me super dressed up during this time as I will be fighting really hard to keep my woman shell!!!!!

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