Monday, February 16, 2009


So as I go from one blog to the next I noticed that no one posted anything lately... Then my eyes fell on my last post and I just realized that I didn't really write much lately either.
So what's new in yuppie hell! After going to a party at my old/ex boss's house which is of course our dream house friday I decided that it would be good for us to spend a little money on our current house to make it exactly like we want. I have been toying with that idea a while now but seeing that house made the decision much easier. Since we don't go overboard we are pretty safe.
Saturday we chose new engineer floors, the sunday the guy measured everything and on the 26th they will start to put things in! I am soooo excited. On the other hand we decided to prolonged the life of our carpet by cleaning it one or two more times...
I finished restoring my blue wall in the bathroom this week end and started repainting the door and vanity in clean white. That was Valentine's day evening after our guest left at 9:30pm.
I am not much of a Valentine's day person so I have nothing to report on that front.
However on thursday night we had that perfect evening, I cooked some cream of mushroom soup from a williams sonoma recipe yummy, the house was clean and freshly repainted, the kids were good even on a sugar high and Bryan sang Travis song..... Perfect!
Tonight was also perfect evening when we celebrated Bryan's review and raise at sushi ota.
On sunday we watched our little 9month old neighbor and I have to admit I wanted a 3rd kid... My big problem, daycare cost and juggling when the kids are sick and a demanding job! So I will get my fix watching the neighbor ;)
On that note I'm gonna help getting the kids out of their bath, then an episode of something while folding laundry and in bed.
On the exercize front my week end has been worthless. Tomorrow I need to run and get back to my training....

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