Monday, February 9, 2009

The end of the week end...

Sunday morning was a little better than saturday. Although since I drank too much on saturday night I woke up very tired, hung over with a fierce headache. A coffee helped a little. We had our ritual swimming lesson and since Maia has a new teacher she was a little hesitant at first. Picture quivering lips, hunched shoulder... pathetic little girl and you have an accurate picture of my daughter.
Luckily the sad pathetic look didn't last long and she had a lot of fun. Miles as usual had a blast.
We got back, went a little nature walk during which we gathered all the sticks we could. We had lunch together then kids in bed, dad relax in front of the computer, mom grocery shopping.
Got back from Trader joes with a bunch of yummy food which will have their own dedicated post.
Courageously I changed into my workout gear and headed out for a run. On my way out I asked Bryan if he had any suggestions on a run I should do. Of course he talked about a nice 5 miles run with a big hill in the middle. Since I wanted to go for 6 miles or up he suggested another route with 2 big hills in it. Not Torrey Pines hills but pretty hard. Courageously I started, of course my dear husband forgot the first hill which isn't a party. But I went for it and pushed through it and managed to have a great run and finish my 6 miles at a 9:40 min/miles pace. The only down side of this run is that I pushed so hard for so long at the end that my body just stopped when it should have gone for only 300 yards more.
I felt with these past 2 runs that I past the 10 min/miles plateau and I am also truly enjoying myself and competing with myself.
I am sure I will have shitty runs but at least I know that I can go for a truly enjoyable 6 mile run.
The neighbour invited us for mexican which kind of threw off my evening of cooking a little. But we had a great time which was well worth it.
I ended up starting my strawberry jam when we got back! I hope it will turn out ok.

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JV said...

Hey superwoman! Congrats on breaking the plateau! Next time we meet we will celebrate with more wine :)