Thursday, March 5, 2009

All alone...

I feel all alone in this world of blogs.... Again my friends have abandonned me and I am lonely as I typed those meaningless words on the keyboard. This blog has really become a dump of all things that go through my brain and I have to admit that 99% is really meaningless. But hey it keeps me entertain ahahaha.

So today I have decided that I am not ready to compete in a triathlon. Mostly I am not ready to tackle open water swimming. I have decided to follow a training for a triathlon as closely as time permits. Speaking of time playing tricks on me, I had a run all planned out today. I was early at work for an 8am meeting and was mentally preparing myself for a good run when paf, a meeting was scheduled from 11-12pm and it dragged until 12:30pm!!!! Arghhh with a meeting at 1:30pm no time for a run. After that I wanted to get stuff done and although I had a really productive day my run went out the window.
Tomorrow morning I'm going for kindergarten orientation in the morning but will scoot out of the office for a short run.
MAC is starting kindergarten next year and juggling drop off and pick up at 2 different schools, homework and all the other things is going to be interesting and challenging. This is why I decided to just train. Get better, run faster, swim faster and bike more. Speaking of running faster I am going to brag a little and report that since the half marathon although I didn't run more than 6 miles at a time I managed to keep my pace below 10 min/miles! Yay!
I am lucky the training process is what I enjoy, seeing those number get better, have satisfying runs pushing my limits.
A group of guys is going to start biking at lunch like I'm gonna follow ahahah at least it will motivate me to get out the door!
To my dismay I was looking at my back in the mirror yesterday looking for any hint of toning.... Muscles were absent however a tan line for my really sexy swimsuit showed up after only two swimming sesssion. Dude it takes me weeks of exposure at the beach to get any decent tan!
Now I'm gonna have to put sunscreen on my back!
Tomorrow we are going on a date to a classical piano concert. I hope to have time to grab a bite to eat before hand. In the meantime my bed is calling my name. So here you are with a whole page of random meaningless little facts about my life. Interesting huh

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JV said...

I'd never abandon you! The triathalon will happen for you when you are ready! Damn work gettin in the way of workouts... I hate that.