Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surf stud

B went surfing today like every day and got lucky to have his picture taken by a professional photographer.

Since I'm always yapping about my athletic prouesse or what I think are prouesses here are some pictures. I am so proud of him.
On another note I posted a question on my gotribal (the women triathletes group I just joined) forum asking whether or not I should participate to the Spring Sprint triathlon in early May or postpone to another one taking place end of June. The answer was an overwhelming do it now. Now I have no other way out than doing the one in May. I want to make sure though that my training doesn't soak up my time with my family.

Dear god I will never dare posting should I do an Ironman?

One of the members answered do both, which I would admit I thought about, and she said that she did two ironmen back to back and 3 other ironmen the following month. Then she added that she wasn't an athlete. Lady news break someone who can finish an ironman is an athlete ;)

Today I ran 3.1 miles outside. First time I was able to not walk but it was still very hot. Next week I will start moving some of my workouts early morning to avoid the heat get things out of the way.

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JV said...

Wow, surf stud indeed!