Monday, March 23, 2009

Where did the good resolutions go?

I'm talking about my long todo list to finish before guest arrive! Hahahah we stopped a while back and the guest bedroom is a mess of miscelleanous items, the garage not better, the faucets not changed because I'm the one who says there will always been next week.
Instead what have we done this week end. On friday, in between two lines of code I joined a group of women triathlete. For those of you who know me I am what is called an introvert which means I really don't like group especially group of people that I don't know. But since they have this mentor/mentee relationship I thought I could get some good advice and make the whole thing a little less intimidating. That night I went to the meeting and it was really nice. I met several people and hopefully will be able to schedule some workouts with them. I also got convinced to participate to the spring sprint triathlon in May.
On saturday we went to a store selling really nice guitars. B is turning 40 and has shown some interested in getting a new guitar. We took the kids to the store and we saw sooo many cool stuff, electric guitar, ukulele of all shape, mandoline, banjos etc.... The kids had a blast. Then we went to the beach grass cafe for breakfast.
After that we came back home and while the kids went down for a nap I put my new pedals and shoes and went for a short 9 miles bike to be followed by a 3 miles run.
Hey if I'm going to do a triathlon in May I wanted to see what it feels like to run after a bike ride. Well it is really really hard. I started, stopped went back to the house compained and went out the door again and ran 1.7miles. This means that I'm gonna have to start running after biking to get use to the transition.
Sunday was crazy, I had to go in to work at 7:30am for 2 hours. We took the kids to their swimming lesson. MEC loves to jump in the water it's too funny to see herself launch. MAC had the teacher for himself since the other kids were gone. Then we went to a little birthday party. We had friends over for dinner and I made filet mignon with red wine sauce, mash potatoes, salad and a pear upside down cake.
Today since I didn't feel like running, my legs are still sore from saturday, I went for a 40 minutes swim and I managed to finish 1500yards. I still have to be a faster biker and swimmer.
I'll try to do my first open water swim either this week end or next week. Depending on the feeling I have I will sign up for a sprint end of june.
Now I'm going to bed cuz I'm really really sleepy

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JV said...

9 mile ride to be followed by a 3 mile run? Woman, you are amazing! You look fantastic, by the way.