Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why and When...

Why on earth am I interested and motivated to do a triathlon? Because honestly I don't really have the time. I think I'm going to continue with my current workout schedule and try to replace one run by a swim and go bike at work every other week!
I think I am going to try to do an All Women sprint triathlon in october. I may even try to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research.
I have a little money to buy myself a wetsuit to tackle the open water swim but I'm scared. I feel like when I wanted to run a half-marathon but wasn't sure I could...

I did go for a swim workout at lunch and start pushing a little. I did 1400 yards in 35 minutes and I can feel my arms. Hey maybe I'll get definition in my arms and maybe some abs out of all this non-sense.
New workout regimen:
Mon off, tuesday short swim, wednesday run, thursday long swim, friday off/short bike, saturday long run,sunday long bike
I will keep you posted on the progress of my training.

On friday I am going to Kindergarten orientation for my son!!! What happen... I am not ready for this... Really really not. I should have a newborn not a 5 year old ;( Makes me feel old in a way eventhough I know I am not.

We are still utterly stoked with our new floors! Why on earth didn't we do that sooner! The crappy/destroyed carpet doesn't even look that bad. Well it does but hey it will have to wait.
Tonight I am going to cook some filet mignon with a a red wine blue cheese sauce and mashed potatoes. Yummmmm I am starving. After I run I am usually not that hungry but boy after I swim I am starved.
Also I have been craving Basil Martini... The very same thing I got sooo drunk of at our chow cow. I also found the recipe of the Asian Pear Mojito from PF Changs which doesn't contain any asian pear hmmmm interesting.
To be tried very soon.

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