Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been back on the motivation train to at least train as if I was going to compete in triathlon any time soon. I have had a little cash and bought new bike shoes with the cleats and pedals to go with them, I joined the triathlon club of San Diego and found a wetsuit second hand to try to motivate and push me to go swim in the Cove.
I hate wasting money so I will either resale that stupid wetsuit or actually start swimming in the ocean.
This week was the week I was getting back in my training routine. I did run a very painful 3 miles yesterday and was planning on swimming today. Unfortunately my poor son was sick. He came to our bedroom crying this morning at 6:30pm and asking when it will be morning time. He couldn't sleep because of a headache! He was diagnosed with a sinus infection thus B and I shared the day. I went to work in the morning and worked from home in the afternoon and he did the other shift.
I hope the antibiotic work pronto pronto so that he can go back to school. I know I sound like a bad mom but balancing work and sick kids is really tough!
Besides that yesterday I cooked some tritip that I marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. Unfortunately the meat was smelly and ended up in the trash! B made asparagus to go with that and I made a black olive, tomato,mozarella salad.
We ended up eating the veggies and some chicken wontons from TJ.
At lunch since I wasn't going to exercize I cooked myself the easiest bestest soup which is zuchini soup. Boil some water add some zuchini (either the green kind or the yellow squash). Cook until tender. Remove the water. Blend it until smooth add a little cream and salt.
All the benefits of eating soup for lunch were nullified by the vanilla cake (or should I say butter cake) I made with MAC this afternoon. I had to lick the batter and try a little piece. Yum Yum....
Tonight we have homemade pizza. Tomorrow hopefully I'll make it to swimming pool and release that extra tension that I tend to accumulate.
On the shopping front, I decided to embrace my modern chic style or should I say Audrey Hepburnish. I have to resolve myself to the fact that I am not office sexy trotting on 7 inch heels (do they even exists) type of woman. I am confortable in pants, heels and most of the time flats. I'm also not the classic slightly boring look and thus decided to trade the pair of camper boots against a pair of ballet flat.
I still need to find a few pairs of slim fitting pants for the summer and I will be all set!

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JV said...

Ugh, sick kid is the worst. Mine pulled one of those last night...

Love the Audrey Hepburn--classic, beautiful!