Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cooking spree

Yesterday I had craving for new foods so I decided to try to make a Chicken Pad Thai. I have not been able to win the asian food recipe. I am decent at the dumplings, we did make some sushi at home that were good, I can do some currys and simple asian. I however suck at stir fry and thai food in general.
I found a recipe on the williams sonoma website which seemed fairly simple. It was good a little dry. In other word I wouldn't trade the spices thai one for mine!

I think we will have a japanese evening soon at the coon a) because I want to drink sake and b) because I found some very very tempting recipe. I will have to be good and write down the exact ingredient.

Yesterday I prepped some pork to make carnitas. For once I used my slow cooker, and let this huge pork shoulder simmer all night long in mexican lager, orange juice and lime juice. Since I have a ton of meat I decided to invite my neighbors to share this mexican dinner with us.
I have some fresh tortillas, avocado to make fresh guacamole, some chipotle to make a creamy chipotle sauce and some rice with some cilantro like at chipotle. I will make a salad to get some green.
Stay tune for some more cooking adventures.


Bunny said...

how did the carnitas turn out??

JV said...

That sounds so good! You're inspiring me!