Monday, March 16, 2009

So a week ago I finally decided to spend some of my "bonus" money to buy myself a pair of Camper's boot. The fact that they were on sale helped too. I was super excited but when I put them on I felt bleh. They are nice and all but I don't really wear skirt, I live in a place where it is hot most of the time. So I decided to return them. I saw a pair of cute flats a while back but of course my husband pointed out to me that I already have a bunch of flats thus it isn't a great choice.
On top of it he likes heels better. Unfortunately I am in a more down to earth kind of mood lately and I am trying to embrace my modern chic style as would put it Bunny and flats sound much more apealing then heels.
I am going to return the boots ;( and will hang on to the money until I find something really nice to spend it on. I suspect that I will buy that pair of FRYE flat I have been eyeing for a while or maybe something else.
My second purchase from that bonus money was a new pair of bike shoes, cleats and pedals. Since I'm a little on the cheap side I voted no for the 120$ pair of shoes and opted for the 85$ on sale for 35$. Those will stay with me though.
On the exercize front I have decided to get back to my 4 days a week routine and kicked it off by a short but somewhat intense (by my standard) bike ride. I felt my legs all sunday. Today I went for a 3 mile run at lunch which left me very very comatose all afternoon. I know it will get better I just know I have to do it more!
Tomorrow I go swimming, wednesday running then thursday swimming.

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