Monday, March 2, 2009

News news....

We just came back from Montana and we landed on thursday night on a snow covered runway. A little impressive I have to say. We picked up our car and manage to find our way to Bryan's stepdad house. Everything was covered in snow. It was beautiful.

The kids got all excited with the labs and we all went to bed quite early. The next day after some visit to the grandma we made it to the family ski resort. We managed to rent some skis gear and go down a few slopes! We had to take turns though since "la pitchoune" wasn't too sold on the idea of bein abandonned for an hour to someone she didn't know doing something strange. Big MAC however loved the idea of learning how to make "French fries" and "pizza".

The next day was spent walking in the snow and taking B's mom out to lunch and shopping a little. We flew back on sunday. La pitchoune was so excited and overly tired when we landed in SD that she was running screeching "We are in San Diego, We found it!, We found it!!!" too funny. The second she was in her seat buckled she passed out!.
During that time we had our floors redone. We finally decided that since we weren't gonna move anytime soon might as well cash a little money and get rid of the stupid tile and pergo and put some nice engineer wood.

Since they had to do a lot of demo and grinding to level the floors there was a think layer of dust covering everything. We also moved all our furniture in the kitchen and only moved a few items when we got back to San Diego. My angel of a housekeeper took the initiative to move all the furniture back from the garage, the kitchen and cleaned everything up!
Tomorrow we are back to our exercize routine and I will either run or swim since this week end we are going to Palmdale visit the other side of the family!


Bunny said...

love the floors! can't wait to see them in person.

i wish it would snow in SD for just one day. i miss it sometimes.

JV said...

Those floors are gorgeous. I gotta hook up with your housekeeper!