Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning we went to pick up our race bibs for tomorrow's half marathon. I have the jitters, butterflies in my stomach. We drove up the turn around point and this "flat" half marathon is false advertisement. Yes it isn't La Jolla Half but it isn't flat either.
Anyways I am scared. It is going to be interesting as I will be running alone probably. B will be starting 1 or 2 waves ahead of me. I hope I will be strong mentally I hope I will get in my groove and just push through the miles. I hope to get into my sprint triathlon mindset.
Which is slow and steady on the swim, push on the bike since it is one of my good sport finally get in the groove in the run. We don't stop, we can slow down but we just keep going. The whole things only takes 1:30 or a little less which is less than the half marathon and it is more diverse but I'm hoping to be able to apply the same mental attitude.
I did train for this thing. Maybe not as hard as I should but I didn't slack off either so I should be able to have a decent/good race.

What else is going on. On Wednesday I had lunch with Bunny which was nice since we haven't been able to chat much since she moved in the other building and since we are both overloaded with work. On thursday I went out with my neighbor to dinner followed by a chick flick. We saw leap year which was really nice, exactly what I was in the mood for.
Yesterday evening we had some friends over for dinner. At lunch time I had literally 5 minutes to throw the meat, wine and some herbs in the crockpot and leave. When I got home I sauteed some onions, garlic, mushrooms then the meat and the wine. I threw everything in the oven on 350 and finished to cook it for about 1 hour or 2.
I was hungry for biscuits so I made some. They are really easy to make and it was so yummy. As a side dish I made mashed potato/sweet potato. It was such a great rainy day dinner.
Tonight the kids are going on their first sleepover so MEC woke up last night and cried on and off for about 2H00. She finally went back to bed and fell asleep at midnight. I hope she will be good tonight!
Work has been crazy but I delivered my application and I started on my other tasks. Now on to some relaxation since the kids are completely into the "I Spy" book. MAC reading and the both of them trying to find the items.

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