Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deadlines ....

I have to say that I hit the ground sprinting for 2010. Big deadline at work has been keeping me busy all week. My brain is mush, I have a pinched nerve in my back from the tension and finally my body is screaming can you please run so we can get rid of all the stress/tension.
I know the house rule is no whining but hey this is my blog so I'll whine away all I want. I mean at least the project is great and the people I'm delivering the software too are stoked so it is always nice.
As a result I didn't even realize my performance review/self evaluation was due like yesterday! I hate doing those well this year I don't even have the luxury to agonize and waste hours of work to write it. It will be what it will be.

Other than that I did two running sessions this week. The first one was kind of blah I think I ran about 3-3.5M on the treadmill and the next day I went for a make up interval session. I only had a little bit of time so I did a quick 2M. I started by warming up for 9.5 at 10min/mile pace then I did 4 0.25M interval, I started at 8:15 and increased the speed for each interval finishing at 7:50min/mile. (7.3-7.5 I think). That was really good.
On friday I wanted to go run 5M but my day was too busy that I skipped hence the pinched nerve. Today we have our 12M run. I was supposed to be running it with a friend but since her husband works I'll be running it with B. We will see how it goes. I hope the weather cools off a tad though.

I got my birkenstock but they were a little too wide. I ordered the narrow one and we will see how those fit. I'm not sure I really like the look though a little too granola for me but we will see.

More on the run later.

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Bunny said...

Ahahah I'm writing a post right now that mirrors yours exactly. Working hard, missed self eval, etc...