Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carlsbad Half Marathon replay...

So here it is my second half marathon. I had a pretty agressive goal of an 9:30min/miles avg which is about a 2:05 finish time. I didn't think I was going to make it since my training although serious has been a little finicky. I had a lot of slow and painful runs.
The main goal of the day was to give it all I have.

Since B ran his first half marathon we sent the kids on a sleep over. Seriously first time without the kids and we get to wake at 5:40am! But hey we get up, get ready get there I thought 1h00 early was enough but so another 1000 people. We parked in the mall across the street and walked to the start line. It was chilly this morning but with the walking we kept warm.
I bumped into my GoTribal friends and B got to his wave start since he is much faster than me and I stayed behind with my friend. Started running, kept the pace reasonable. I was feeling pretty good my knees hurt and let me tell you the person who said Carlsbad half is flat was smoking crack! OK it isn't La Jolla half but it isn't flat either! Lots of small but nonetheless painful hills. Anyways I took my gus, felt decent until mile 9 where I just hit a wall. My last GU never kicked in! I had no energy but I didn't stop. I went slow but I went and it was hard.
So my finish time was 2:12 10:04 since it was actually 13.2 and not 13.1M not the PR I had hoped for but honestly today that's all I could give. I am very proud that I didn't stop and walk the last 3 miles because oh boy did I want to do that. On the other bright spot, I did go pass than the people I wanted to pass.
I have to admit that deep down I wish I was a better/faster runner, I guess I just have to continue trying, training and racing. I do have to do something about my nutrition because I do believe it was partly the problem. I finished my 12M run with B a couple of weeks ago way way stronger than I did today.
Anyways very tired and emotionally drained I found B at the finish line which is pretty overwhelming with like 4000 people around you. He had an awesome race he finished his first half marathon in 1:44 which is 7:55min/mile.
After that I dragged myself back to the car and we picked up the kids who had a great time! Went out to our favorite breakfast place Beachgrass Cafe then shower, bed while the kids played around us.
Around 3pm I dragged myself out of the bed and went grocery shopping because life goes on and we still want to lose 5-10lbs like everyone else. I cleaned the kitchen and now I am ready to go read on the couch.
Next week rest rest rest maybe some spinning, some swimming some running..... because triathlon season is going to start soon....

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