Friday, January 15, 2010

Virtual Spending...

So at lunch I went to UTC to redeem a gift card at Williams Sonoma, which is still in my wallet. I quickly went to Nordstroms to look at their Marc by Marc Jacob purse to gawk a little since a 500$ purse is definitely not in my need to buy list. Actually now that I think of it that list is empty for a good reason so a lot of items can make it on the list but they will probably stay there for a while before materializing on my doorstep. This is besides the point really since we are in a virtual world right now.
While there I saw a cute cross body purse in yellow at a very decent price of 140$. Not sure if I will stay conservative and go with black or a little more fun and go with yellow or green. Since we are in virtual world lets say that I'm a fun crazy person who decided to go with yellow ;)

The other item that drew my attention and which will certainly replace my birkenstock is that pair of conservative classic shoes. Hey if they came in red I'd buy them. I like the little heel so that I'm not in flat all the time. They would go very well in my modern classic look and they are quite confortable.

That's it for now.. back to work.

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Bunny said...

i love that yellow bag! get it so i can live vicariously through you.