Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Aaahh weather in San Diego is always an interesting adventure! I arrived in San Diego Feb 1998 which if I recalled was a El Nino year. At the time I didn't know anything about El Nino just that I arrive in a new city, where I didn't know anyone. I was renting a room in someone house and they were away for the week end so the house was cold since it was not nice out.
Since then every year it rains more or less but not a drizzle instead it pours. Every year San Diego is subjected to flood, trees are broken etc... The thing about San Diego is that these 10 days of weather maybe a month of weather are quickly forgotten when the sun comes back.
So why am I blogging about the weather! Just because today at 2:45pm, lights and computers went pffft. That was the end of our workday. I know you gotta love technologie right, we lose power and we just are worthless!
So I left a little early picked up MEC who said "why are you here mama, where are we going?" You gotta love daycare kids.
Anyways since my machine is still off I can't work remotely tonight. This is great and I should not sulk but with my deadlines, the amount of work I am not too happy to lose a whole afternoon of work.
At lunch I went to the gym to get my last interval session. I did a 0.5m warm up at 10min/mile, followed by 4x0.25M at 8:15 the last 0.15M of the last interval I managed a 7:45min.miles!
I stretched a little since I haven't been too good and I'm pretty sure my knees are going to give me grief! Anyways sticking to my rule I won't drive to the gym I got completely soaked as I hurried back to my desk.
What else, I dyed my hair black! I was looking for a dark brown but when I didn't find the proper shade so I went black. Since Monday I got did you dye your hair a lot. Since I am facetious and sarcastic I have given a lot of different answers along the following lines. "No I woke up that way", "My kids colored my hair with black sharpie" etc...
Since we are the work subject. Last friday I walked to my desk just to find two donuts dangling from the ceiling in front of my computer. The thing is i really don't like doughnut. I feel that the taste doesn't offset the risk for my arteries. I'm pretty sure my boss is responsible for this but to this day I really don't know why,
Finally this weather has made me want to be very comfy and since I absolutely love my new birks I have been wearing my jeans, birks and a black sweater two days in a row. Unfortunately I'm not sure I can pull it off a third day! My sister will have an attack when she realizes that I am the proud owner of a pair of birkenstock.

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