Sunday, January 31, 2010

And ....

another week has gone by! I have to say B is complaining about routine and monotony, about the fact that our days, week blend in together and he is right.
Life is hectic yet very boring and repetitive! So I didn't alter my routine of taking a whole week off exercise after a race and thus I didn't workout once since last sunday. It will be even 10 days without exercise since tomorrow I'm working 60% since MAC's school is closed and the day after I have a dental appointment yikes.
This week end was all about relaxing my brain. We all have been really busy at work since coming back from our break. I am no exception but boy working at 90%-95% working capacity is sure tiring on the brain. Thus on friday my brain was tired eventhough I gave my body plenty of rest the night before. Saturday after the swimming lesson and some homemade blueberry buttermilk pancake and some chatting with my friend we headed out to Mission trails for some hiking with the kids. They had their like a bike which are bikes with no pedals. They went for almost 4M. MEC was pretty dead beat at the end and the last few yards were on Mama's shoulder with the bike in mama's arm.
After that we hit San Diego Brewing company at 3pm where I had a few chicken wings since I had dinner with some friends at 6pm!
Came home, got ready and en route to celebrate a friend's birthday in Hillcrest/north park. Since I am not familiar with the area I used my GPS to get there. What I always forget is that things seem a lot closer on the computer screen than real life. So we ended up walking a few blocks to the restaurant. This is almost totally OK at 5:30pm but much less so at 10pm.
We had dinner at Urban Solace and I shared the lamb meatloaf and a salad. The food was delicious, the company delightful and the wine delicious. We finished the evening at the North Pole a club next door. Eventhough I am not much of club person I had a good time.
After hitching a ride to the car I was in bed by midnight....

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