Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comfort food

So my favorite comfort food lately has been brown rice croquettes and chicken burrito.
The Brown Rice Croquettes are from when I was growing up. It is super duper easy simple, fast and good.

Cook some about 1 cup brown rice
Strain the rice
Add an egg, some cheddar cheese, salt and pepper
Shape the rice mixture into balls
Roll them in bread crumbs so that they are covered.
Heat some olive oil in a non stick pan
Cook the balls until they nice and crispy.

Enjoy with a green salad.
This has been the perfect replacement for the pirogis since Trader Joes discontinued them. It is also quicker to make on the go.

Our second favorite comfort food has been chicken burritos, especially since I discovered this great chipotle cinnamon rub at Vons. I'm usually not too into buying ready made rubs, sauces and such but this one was a great find.
The recipe is just as follow:
- Slice an onion dice some breast tenders (I like them better than chicken breast)
- In a bowl, mix the onion, the chicken, some rub, olive oil and lemon juice.
- Saute in a pan
- Cook some white rice (sorry I'm partial to white rice)
- Mix some cut cilantro to the rice like they do at Chipotle (love that)
- Put your burrito together, some cheddar, some beans, some avocado, some chipotle sauce (made with cream, mayonnaise and chipotle chili).

Voila ready to enjoy. This is too good!

Besides home cooking what has been going on in my life. Since our 12M run and my once again hard recovery I have been toying with the idea of seeing a nutrition. The problem is that each time I read about healthy eating and losing weight etc... It is all about going gung ho organic, no beef etc... I mean I'm all about eat as little process food as possible and make things from scratch whenever possible but I am not ready to give up my food habit. I mean I want to enjoy my wine, my meat any type of meat, my unhealthy carbs (as in white pasta, white rice, white bread), my butter in my cakes, the touch of cream in my sauces etc... I will happily give up the twix bar (don't remember last time I went to the vending machine), I will happily stop raiding the cube next door for gummy candy etc... Hopefully in the process I will lose those last 10lbs!

So in the mean time I'll try to learn as much as I can on how to fuel my athletic endeavors to not crash hard. If I can learn a thing or two on balancing my meals a little better without giving up my food pyramid.
Besides that it is tapering time before the half marathon yeah! We had a 4x0.5M intervals on wednesday tomorrow a 3M tempo.
Work has been busy but good.
Now I'm famished it is 9:45pm and we haven't had dinner yet!

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Bunny said...

ooo the croquettes sound delicious. i just bought brown rice so i'll have to try it