Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to...

How to get over a stressful busy week ! Go for a 12M run with your husband, well 6M would have probably been enough but we are ending our Half Marathon training and we had a 12 miler todo.
We plotted along and finished this 12M without me stopping without me quitting without having B yell at me to not stop. I did want a couple of time, I had trouble with my knees but I managed my pain which is more than I was able to achieve last year.
This was the longest run without stopping even though I ran a half marathon last year!
Now to the Sophie suck section the average pace was a little slower than I hoped 10:23min/miles which is after all my long run pace.
Anyways my back isn't tight anymore, my nerve isn't pinched any more and I'm actually feeling pretty good.
It took about 3h00 though, about 30mn after the run a severe nausea settled in and fatigue as well. No matter what I tried to eat it took 3h00 for me to feel better and only after I drank a glass with a 1/4 tablet of electrolyte.
Anyways I'm feeling much better and can actually think about dinner and even a drink. I am glad this 12M run is behind me. Now I just have to survive the race without B in front of me pulling me along. I really hope that knowing he is waiting for me at the finish line will be enough to get me motivated and to not quit.
Tomorrow I have to complete my self evaluation and I absolutely abhorr those. Seriously though isn't my hard work enough why do I now have to go brag about all the great things I have achieved this year. It is just not me but I guess it is going to have to be me though.
This is for now because it is 9:15 and a nice filet mignon is waiting to be cooked and a cold pear cider or a nice glass of red wine is calling my name!

Oh by the way I'm utterly and completely jealous of my husband who just bought a pair of zoot running shoes. These are "triathlon" shoes and they look cool and I want a pair ;) Maybe these will my next running shoes!

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