Thursday, February 4, 2010

Should be working ...

It is 9:45pm we just finished dinner and instead of blogging I should be working. I have sooo much stuff to do but hey there will always be sooo much stuff to be done.
So I was really good at not spending too much money on myself but I fell off the wagon big time. In the past few weeks I bought myself a pair of birkenstock, a purple purse, a dress and legging. So anyways my shopping spree didn't end at there and today I found a pair of over the knee dark gray boots from Kenneth Cole. I did find them on sale though which made the purchase a little easier.
Anyways on the spending front I decided to hire a coach for a few months and see what turns out. I'm excited and a little anxious as well. Then I do have to register for my 3 races Sprint Spring in May, SDIT end of June then US Women mid october.
But I have to admit I haven't done anything since the half marathon. Well we did walk last sunday does that count? I did pack my running stuff this morning but of course a lot of work and little motivation took care of that and tomorrow well I'm pretty sure Dim Sum will just win.
I was looking forward to some special bonding with my bike but I'm afraid that again this will be postponed to next week end! I will go for a run or/and a bike ride this week end!

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