Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to training

Today was the last hard workout of my 3 weeks block of hard training!
We are redoing our upstairs floor and that is starting on Wednesday morning. We are removing the filthy carpet and putting the same engineer wood floor than downstairs. The stairs will be carpet in the middle and woods on the side.
Our guest bedroom has a big bookshelf which covers the whole wall and I'm sad to report isn't enough to store all our books! Anyhow it is an ugly fake wood bookshelf and redoing the floors is the perfect excuse to get rid of it. However that means packing all the books!
Anyways that took most of the morning and we still have about 4 boxes to pack! Then we will have to get rid of it ;)

After that we had lunch and met the neighbors at a big park fest. There we bumped into other friends of ours with their kids. The kids had a blast in the jumping house, racing etc...

Since I had to go for my 2:30 workout and B want to fit a run or a bike ride afterwards we had to leave. It was windy windy and cold... The idea of going up Torrey Pines as hard as possible 5 times was really not appealing. I got on my bike went up 3 times than realized that I was running out of time and so headed home. I was really really hoping that B would be ready to go on his bike ride which would be a great excuse for me to bail on my run. But no he wasn't ready at all so I put on my sneaker and went running. It was painful but I managed to kind of do the intervals for 25min.
Tomorrow is OFF yeah and the week will be easy besides a running session with my coach which will be really painful it will be easy.
Of course my laundry is in a sad sad state and a lot of other things still need to be done but hey my legs are getting stronger ;)

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