Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been lost in blog land lately. Following my favorite women triathlete blog and the hopping from there to various other women triathletes blog. It is both inspiring and humbling. They are all so damn good. They also have/make the time to train for ironman that is 20+ training week.
I have 8 hours a week to dedicate to training! Thank heaven I am only interested in sprint and olympic distance triathlon!
I would love to have more time to train but it just ain't gonna happen since I want to spend time with my husband and that usually happens between 8:30pm and 11pm. I want to spend time with my kids and their sacred hour is from 6pm until 8:30 and in the morning and during the week end. I want to work and write software to help scientist make sense out of a bunch of genomic data. That happens between 8-5pm with a lunch break for workout the sometimes for about 1h00 in front of the TV, for instance today I learn about DelegateCommands in WPF while watching Stargate.

Since I started working with my coach I am getting better. Just the fact that I am training about 8hours a week is a great accomplishment. I am still looking forward to most of my workouts.
So anyways I wish I were that good but I will have to take the time to get better little by little!
Now off to bed because 42M ride, followed by 2100yds swimming and a full week ahead requires me to rest.
Oh but first I have to deal with the laundry yikes!

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