Monday, May 24, 2010


Did I say rest!!! Yeah after 3 weeks of hard training, not one session missed besides the core workouts oops.
My legs are shot and I am off today! Tomorrow is easy swim with yucky drills.... Wednesday though won't be a walk in the park since I am doing a hill workout with my coach dangerous!

A coworker of mine is also completely addicted to DIY projects. She has impeccable taste and she is well dangerous. At least she is the source of great deals... Unlike my last stunt at the fabric store... should I've gone on

Anyways my list of home project is growing at an alarming rate. Last website is I saw a set of bookshelves, an awesome lounger and a cuby thingy to store the toys downstairs with a small cushion it would be great next to the piano.
So much to do so little time...

However first I need to finish my knitting projects, my fabric projects gumdrop pillows and such.... Too bad I wish I could stop working for a while... do all my home project train like crazy and spend time with my kids. Do you think I need vacation?

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