Monday, May 17, 2010

So I have started about 10 new posts in the last few days. Mostly they were a bunch of rambling, whining and such about triathlon and the meaning of life.
I am very tempted to just end this blogging trend. I mean honestly I don't know who reads me and who really would miss besides bunny and nevertap. But since I love reading other people blogs I do continue this weird actitivity of mine.
I am blog stalking women triathlete I don't even know. If I ever were introduced to them they would be weirded out I think....
But Hey Reading their blog is quite motivating. I don't drool in front of people magazine reading about the latest of the rich and famous. I drool in front of the local girls blog relating their great races and their wins etc... However their gruesome story about ironman racing hasn't yet given me any desire what so ever to race 15+ hours!
However their exploits really motivates me to train hard, to plow through fatigue and mild soreness.
On the training front I believe my hard work is starting to pay off. I won't be on the podium any time soon booh. However I am getting a little faster every week. I joined the masters swim program at JCC where I swim twice a week. I am finally getting a hang of the correct stroke to use and I am starting to get consistent timing. Also to soothe my ego someone new just join and thus I am no longer the slowest of the whole group. Small petty victory I know but so good for the ego.
Especially because the ego took some bruising over the week end. I am not one to buy all the latest and most expensive gear. I own two sports bra, one bike jersey.... only my running wardrobe is a little more complete.
So anyways about 18months ago when I bought my bike, I found a decent bike for a decent price. That was before I knew of the existence of triathlon bike! Since I discovered their existence I am really curious on how they feel. Do they feel that different from a road bike?

Sunday I decided to stop by one of the tri shop in town. Of course I always step in those store completely intimidated... I should really work on my attitude! So the guy asks me how many triathlon a year do I do? Me to answer sheeplishly 3. I get the look (Maybe he didn't really give it but that's how I felt). I added that eventhough I had only 3 races scheduled I did train seriously about 8H00 a week. On the bike he adds. Then I felt about 1 foot small. I just wanted to turn around and get right back out. I know this is the mecca of triathlon. I already feel like a fraud because I decided to focus on the quality of my race rather than the quantity or the distance. Plus I walked in with two kids in tow. Maybe I should tattoo on my forehead that I spend 9 hours of my day geeking in front a computer writing software to analyse genomic data!
Yes I don't get up at 5am to train but I wait until 8:45pm to do a bike workout when all I want is cuddle on my couch with a glass of wine!

So yes I AM a beginner ATHLETE! I won't be buying a tri bike soon because the legs are doing the work not the bike you are on! If my coach can win 2nd place at XTerra world championship on a 7 year old second hand mountain bike. My fuji is good enough for me ;)
So now I have to motivate to start my workout in about 45min yikes!

OK I completely lost focus on that post

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