Saturday, May 22, 2010

My other hobby

I have another hobby which doesn't require sweating. I love colors, patterns and texture. OK so when I walk in an art store, a fabric store or a bead store I have butterflies in the pit of my stomach. This is my creative side kicking in. I love putting things together. I am still baffled to this day that I am not in a career involving creativity.
Anyways we inherited an old rocking chair which is in dire need of refreshing!
Anyhow this morning after swimming we ended grabbing bagels for breakfast followed by a trip to the back of Von's in search of boxes. I spotted a fabric store and decided to run in and take a look for a few project.

This is the fabric we chose to redo the rocking chair.

Of course while at the store I totally got stuck on the following fabric

and decided to buy 2 yards to make Amy Butler's gumdrop pillow for the family room

Of course I didn't buy enough fabric! Yeah checking out the pattern before going to store would have been wise. However since I already spent an "insane" (for my wallet) amount of money on fabric I will improvise. I will probably make those shorter or just make cubes instead.
I still have a princess dress to make, this pillow, refinish the rocking chair and make a couple pillow out of the rest of the fabric! So many projects... not counting the sweater I started for MAC, the one I did for MEC but for which I have to redo the collar. The necklaces that I started for both of the teachers!!!! Yeah as B would say please could you finish a project before starting a new one!

Each time I think about creating, flower arrangement, painting or pillows, each time I look at fabric beads and such a fireworks of idea is exploding in my mind. It makes me wonder really if I am in the right industry.

Ooooh but programming is a mode of creativity yeah geeky but hey I'm a geek... in disguise ;)

My other creative hobby is cooking. So for the past week we have been eating really late like 9:45pm-10:30pm late. Well since I can't get up at 5am to do my workouts well I do two of them at 8:45pm! So last night I'm hungry what I had planned for dinner doesn't sound appetizing. I am completely into my book thus it is getting later and the dinner isn't getting cooked. I jumped on williamssonoma websites to try to find a good recipe... until I bumped into a pork recipe with sweet potatoes and jalapeno/peach barbecue sauce. We had a slight variation on the barbecue sauce since I needed a recipe that required items in my pantry ;) I settled for a red wine barbecue sauce recipe from epicurious.
Dinner was more of a supper but it was really good.

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