Friday, May 28, 2010


OK, so I'm known to get addicted to whole kind of different things! Not my fault I like so many different things. With summer coming I don't know why I am getting more and more into redecorating the house. Nothing major but small changes to improve our space. Maybe get rid of the plastic boxes in which toys accumulates endlessly. Figure out a way to curb all the pile of junk everywhere, whether it is a bowl, a cup or a clean surface. Maybe those extra sturdy trash bags are the solution to my clutter problem.
We are also in the process of remodeling our upstairs. The carpet was ripped out last Wednesday. The floors in their bare state were liberated. However things are slower than expected and the charm of this new look well faded slightly and has been replaced by a slight irritation over the utter mess created.

Anyways I now have a new source of distraction and once I have been through my triathlon blog I jump on the decorating ones. I am in awe at what is created from so little. I have never dared buying a junky looking arm chair on craigslist and give it a face lift ! Maybe I should.... I just bumped into a post on how to make a white slip cover and let me tell you the chair underneath is really well damn UGLY!

Now that the kids are older I decided to give myself one year to create a nest! So little by little I will create a clutterless place to live Our nest... It is quite a project but I will conquer this bad habit of ours....

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