Monday, May 24, 2010

Buyer's remorse

I am the Queen of buyer's remorse. Last week I went on a spending spree.... First I spotted a pair of Michael Kors sandal on the Gilt. I bought them since there was a something of summer in the air and I was feeling like dressing up again.

Winter is back and I feel like wearing jeans and flats again.... Since B likes them a lot I guess I'll keep them.

Then on my last bike ride I realized that my prescription rayban were just not super cool and air was getting in my eyes. After some shopping I spotted a real cool pair of Rudy Project but since I didn't want spend 175$ on a pair of bike sunglasses I settled on those 40$ ones.

I just got them and realize that even 40$ is too much for something I will wear only on my bike. Lets face it wearing those cool bike glasses won't make me faster nor cooler! I think I'll return them.

Finally I went on the JCrew website and bought 3 tee shirts, a pair of chinos and a pair of silk pajama pants... These items will get there soon and we will see how much will make it to my closet!

On another note, we are getting ready for our vacation to France. We haven't gone back there since Christmas 2009 and I can feel it. The great part is that we will have a 4 days getaway sans kids! For that we decided to go in Auvergne and we found two bed and breakfast.

This is one of them 40Euro/night for a bedroom and breakfast. If you want to share the host table it is 18 euro for the dinner.

Nature and good food made from the vegetable garden ;) I foresee a bunch of hike, lounging and trail running. I don't have pictures of the second one but the host takes whoever wants on mountain biking adventures ;) I hope we can borrow bikes and have fun!

Now what is for dinner tonight ...
I think I will make some steaks with ratatouille and polenta! Maybe the ratatouille and polenta will turn into mash potatoes not as healthy but ah well still quite delicious.

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