Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hill workout

So today I had a one on one session with my coach. Since my swimming is pretty much covered by masters, I will try to attend her BRICK workout next week where she can check out my riding we settled for a run workout!
We decided to meet at her place in Mission Hills. It took me a while to get there even with a GPS! I discovered a new place in San Diego. I have never ever been in that part of town before. It isn't San Diego at all, it looks like San Francisco or Seattle. Anyways the streets are narrow and the hills are steep.
After a 5/10 min warm up, I did a 10 min high tempo since I didn't have my HR monitor with me I did it by feel. I was probably more at threshold level and my carnitas burrito threaten to make a come back! However my gait had improved a lot and it felt good the first 6 minutes ;) After a short walk followed a short jog we got to the hill! It was short but steep like it is hard to drive up steep 20% grade steep!

So here I go on that hill and it is hard! I am out of breath about the middle of it but I have to finish and even try to speed at the top! Tough tough but oh so empowering!

After a few more of those maybe 5 or 6 total we were done. Well I was done huffing and puffing that hill and she was done waving and encouraging me! Yes it was a tough workout but time goes by fast when working out with her. I always know that I'm going in for a tough workout, the intensity is always overwhelming and then when it is done I am in such happy peaceful place!

On a completely different note, I love the houses over there. They look like most of the houses I love to check out on the decorating blogs I have been reading. Unfortunately Mission Hills is quite far from work and even further from B's work... so Yuppy Hell shall be our home! I have to admit I do like Yuppy Hell, yes the houses are not quaint and lack personality for the most part.

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