Friday, May 7, 2010


Swim... Yeah I am a bit obsessed with triathlon at the moment but then what's new. So I have started swimming about 1 year and half ago. Mostly during the summer but I have been going once to twice a week, at lunch at the JCC. Right at the same time then the masters is held. You would think that I would have joined the darn class way back when. No, that is what someone reasonable would do especially once they realized that it isn't more expensive to do. But then again am I a sensible person. Apparently not ;) So the reason I have stalled for so long is that well I'm too slow... again that's probably why I should have joined way back when.
Anyways after Sunday's triathlon I have decided that I need someone to give me feedback on my stroke each time I go swimming until I improve my technique.

Today I was supposed to go swim at the Cove with a work colleague but well work go in the way. I went to the pool and traded my swim pass for a master class pass. Luckily the pool was empty today and so I swam alone. The coach gave me all kinds of pointers and it was a very very productive session.
Besides that training is back on, I swam/bike/ran/swam 50 minutes each this week and I have a 3H00 ride this week end and 1:30 slow run. I was hoping to find someone to ride with but I guess it will be me and my ipod ;)

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