Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where it all started...

I didn't one day wake up and decided I am going to run and ran 40 miles the first month! Like everything else it is a slow and painful process. I am lucky in a way I like running maybe not the run itself but the feeling of accomplishment that I experienced afterwards. The runs are also more and more pleasant and satisfying.

You would have told me when I was 20 and weighed about 98lbs for my 5'2 frame that I would run 40 miles in a month I would have simply laughed at this ridiculous statement.

I didn't grow up in a competitive sport environment. Although my parents always saw the benefit of exercize on a regular basis (walking, hiking, biking, climbing 5 flights of stairs daily etc...) I never won any medals.

Then I moved to San Diego, yes you have couch potato but you also have people who get up every morning at 5:30am to exercize for 2 hours before going to work. I have a tendency to look at those people and start wondering.... Hmm could I do that (not the waking up at 5:30am part but the ability to run for long periods of time) so I started running since it was the easiest. I did join some gyms, rock climbed for a long while until my husband started surfing again, biked but hey Torrey Pines Hills sucks at 7:45am and even more at 8pm in the dark.

So here I am after 10 years running my 3 miles here and there sometimes more consistently than other but never doing much more than that and 8lbs weight gain in a year. I can even blame my babies for it ;(

Call it a mid-life crisis I know a little young at 33, call it a wake up call, maybe it has to do with finding a journal and realizing that 7 years have passed and I still have the same goal run a half marathon before I am 35.
One of my doctor also told me "Sophie you are the perfect Nike add, JUST DO IT!" so this is where I am, turning 34 in december and not wanting my first half marathon to be La Jolla. I am ambitious but I'd like a somewhat pleasant experience.
I also have my views on triathlons, I read that article about a 76 years old woman completing an Ironman that is so huge I mean the running portion is a full marathon not talking about the 180km bike ride that precedes it. I find it very inspiring and a little voice in my head is whispering hey maybe you could do that too you could be that athlete.
So I decided to try and workout as much as I can and I trained myself to go by myself so that I don't depend on anyone to go so I have no excuse to not go ;)
I rest of monday, run on tuesday, swim on wednesday, run on thursday, rest on friday, long run on Saturday usually with my husband who pushes the kids and stops at 5-6 miles, bike on sunday.
I have to say I have fun, it keeps me away from junk food, eating out too much at lunch, keeps me away from the UTC mall, keeps me obsessed with something else than clothes, keeps my mind away from my dark feelings. It makes me feel good about myself and I also want to eat healthier.
I never thought that this post would be that long. The bottom line is if I can do it you can too. I may a little more stubborn than most but I am not wonder woman. It took me a lot of will power and sweat which is why you still see my mileage.
As the NIKE add says just do it because in the end whether you walk, you run, you do the elliptical exercize is good for you, your mind and your health... Now I sound like the add for Kaiser permanente.
So I am glad to report that although Sunday morning run was really painful and a little discouraging todays run was really really satisfying and I am looking forward to tomorrows swim. So JV be sure that if you exercize consistently your 3 miles will turn to 4 and maybe 5 but into whatever it is that you want!
By the way for all of you I run slow... Bad day 11min/mile good day 9:30min/mile


Bunny said...

that 76 year old lady must have been doping. ironman at that age defies logic.

i run slow too! :)h

JV said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I am getting there! Now, I don't know if I'll ever aspire to do the Ironman, but I am pretty proud of my 3 miles, as puny as it sounds now!

11 minute miles for several miles at a time is not slow. It is absolutely remarkable.

As Maya Angelou says, "Phenomenal Woman, that's me" (AND YOU!)