Saturday, October 18, 2008


OK this is the third time I'm trying to write this post. Since this shouldn't be what did Sophie do this week I decided to collect a few annecdotes of the week:

I know I need to be more in tune with my kids preschool life when the teacher asks me as I walked in their open-house did you bring the pictures for the scrapbook. Usually I can exclaim ooooh crap I forgot but no this time I had this blank look on my face what are you talking about! I had no idea.... Note to self be more attentive. Man juggling everything isn't always as easy as I'd like

While I played house mom for the day I decided to go shopping so since I gave myself a more than enough budget to splurge I could not find anything that I wanted. Finally I found a nice pair of shoes at Nordstroms. I asked a guy there to get me my size in that model they usually bring you several other shoes that you might like. Although I had flats on and was with a kids I looked fairly hip. But boy this guy totally surprised me by bringing this old grand ma shoe. I was so flustered and insulted and still cannot believe that this guy thought I would actually even consider those shoes.
Ah well I bought the other pair which are different from what I usually wear more funky.

Although I have been seriously working out for about 9 weeks now and that I really eat better my weight has barely budged. I started at 119lbs and I am now at the neighborhood of 117.6lbs. I want to go back to 113lb to be nice and 108lb to be real nice. I don't know if my body will cooperate.
On thursday morning the scale was at 116.6lb but I took care of this promptly by making cheese fondue that evening.... So yummy!!!! We made it from scratch since Von's didn't carry the already made stuff and it was so well worth it. At least I enjoyed it tremendously I'll just have to exercize more ;)

Anyways I dutyfully ran my 4.5miles and 3.2 miles on the treadmill as the temperature are in the 80 and this morning I ran 6.3 very painful miles at 11min/mile pace. I don't like running right out of bed. Eventhough I was planning on running 7 miles I shouldn't be depressed by 6.3 miles run but I am... Ah well I'll do better next time. I think my monthly mileage is my highest and I still have 2 weeks ;) Sorry Bunny 9 min/mile-9:30min/miles sound great and after running on the treadmill sounded doable but after this morning's run I have much humbler goals for the Komen 5K race... 10 min/mile would be nice! How in the world am I going to run a half marathon at 10min/mile pace!!!!! Even finishing it would be nice..... I wish sometimes I'd settle for smaller goals like running 5 miles and be happy!

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